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In the United States, colloidal gold (in this days even better nano))has been used to treat alcoholism since 1885, as it reduces the attraction to alcohol. In addition, they are also used to reduce caffeine and carbohydrate addiction. Dr. Nilo Caireo and Dr. A. Brinckmann in his best-selling book "Materia Medica" (issue 19, 1956, Brazil, Sao Paulo) call gold colloid the best anti-obesity agent.

At the beginning of the 20th century, patients often implanted gold plaques under the skin on swollen elbows or knees, so that the pain subsided or stopped altogether. Gold has been regularly used to treat arthritis since 1927. Colloidal gold has been shown to improve mental performance in another scientific work. Regular intake of gold colloid within 3-4 months can increase IQ by up to 20%, improve concentration and sharpen the mind. It is believed that colloidal gold increases the conductivity of the nerve endings located in the body and the central nervous system, thereby improving physical and mental performance. This is in line with the opinion of Edgar Cayce, who claimed that gold supports the reconstruction of the nervous system. Cayce wrote that properly dosed gold and silver can almost double the life expectancy.

In 2002, Australian and New Zealand scientists prepared anti-cancer drugs using gold and silver, which in mice destroyed cancer cells without attacking healthy cells!

Biochemists also use gold in protein compounds to produce life-saving drugs. Tests are underway for a new gold compound for the treatment of AIDS that inhibits the multiplication of viruses and is used to treat infected cells and certain types of cancer. Microscopic gold plaques injected into the body stop the spread of prostate cancer, ovarian cancer is treated with colloidal gold, an impulse laser working on gold pairs also destroys cancer cells without damaging healthy cells.

As soon as modern scientists and doctors discover all that seems to have happened, our ancestors knew long ago, slowly, but we will certainly be able to experience the wonderful healing properties of gold again. There have never been any side effects of a good quality gold solution. It does not interact with other drugs, it does not affect their action.

Good quality gold colloid solution is a completely natural mineral dietary supplement. In cases of arthritis, it effectively relieves pain, reduces swelling, improves joint mobility. Reduces the harmful effects of stress, improves brain function and supports the regeneration of the nervous system.

Regular use alleviates the effects of depression, depression, anxiety, nervous tension, and general well-being of patients. Restoring well-being is beneficial in all diseases, because it increases the will to live and the patient's faith in recovery. Sharpens the mind, increases the ability to concentrate.

It is also effective in the treatment of hyperactivity and lack of concentration. It adds energy and raises libido. It regulates the heart rhythm, stimulates circulation, optimizes body temperature. With a positive effect it is used to reduce addiction to alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and carbohydrates. Significantly relieves asthmatic symptoms.

Important information

Description of properties and possibilities of use of the preparation in this study is for information only. Has been obtained from scientific studies of clinical trials and scientific experiments. 

In case of illness, contact your doctor and follow his instructions. In no case does the treatment replace the treatment provided by a doctor. The product is not a medicine! For legal reasons, it cannot be used as a dietary supplement and as a food product. The use of the product for the above-mentioned reasons depends only on the creativity of the buyer. 

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