At first it is worth noting that the basic difference between silver and colloidal gold and nano silver and nano gold lies in the particle size. The beneficial properties of gold and silver on the human body have been known for hundreds of years,

but only recently, thanks to the unique technology, it has been possible to split gold and silver particles to a multitude of nano, i.e. reduce them by about 100-200 times compared to gold and colloidal silver.

This groundbreaking discovery allows for a huge increase in both the application spectrum and the effectiveness of the beneficial effects on the human body of nano silver and gold particles.

Advanced research on the healing properties of nano gold is currently underway in many countries.

Nano gold particles have a size of about 18 nanometers and nano silver particles from 6 to 12 nanometers. For comparison, the minimum cell wall thickness in the human body is about 30 nanometers.

Due to the fact that nano-gold and nano-silver particles are smaller, they can freely penetrate cells and tissues in the human body, and thanks to their bactericidal, viral and fungicidal properties as well as rebuilding and regenerating abilities, help to eliminate internal inflammation and disease cells. As a result, it gives many opportunities for additional support of the body in the fight against disease states.

The two most common ways of eliminating disease cells by nano silver and nano gold particles observed in the laboratory are:

  • - surrounding nano cell dangerous to the body molecules and depriving it of oxygen supply and thus the possibility of further development - as a consequence, its elimination and expulsion from the body.
  • - penetration of nanoparticles inside the damaged - "sick" cell and destruction of it from the inside and then as in the first case expelling it from the body.

It is also worth saying that nano particles of silver and gold, due to their recognition capabilities, do not attack healthy cells in the body. There is an opinion among scientists that nano particles search for disease cells themselves, attract them with their different electric charge (they have a strong positive charge and most bacteria and pathogens have a negative charge), and then eliminate as described above. So the principle of randomness does not work here, but purposefulness, which in turn significantly supports the treatment and accelerates recovery.

It should be emphasized that nano particles of gold and silver support the bacterial viral and fungal infections, support anti-inflammatory processes by minimizing the risk of their occurrence, help regenerate damaged cells, activate the body to cleanse toxins without damaging the mucous membrane of the mouth, stomach and intestines.

Nano silver and nano gold can be helpful, among others, in supporting the treatment of the following diseases and conditions:

  • - supports the fight against various types and types of cancers: from gastrointestinal and internal organs to bone and brain tumors,
  • - reduces the likelihood of blood clots
  • - can be helpful in rheumatoid arthritis,
  • - improves the functioning of the organs of vision and hearing,
  • - relieves the symptoms of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and dementia diseases,
  • - helps in alleviating depression symptoms,
  • - used in therapies of various types of addiction (alcohol, drugs),
  • - when fighting against all types of viral, bacterial and fungal infections,
  • - relieves symptoms of psoriasis,
  • - fights gastrointestinal parasites,
  • - affects the improvement of physical condition and comprehensively rejuvenates the body,

Nano gold and nano silver, of course, can also be used prophylactically for every person, thus ensuring the improvement of the quality of their lives. It is not known from today that prevention is better than cure :).

Due to the nature and properties of the metals, and because of their size, nano silver particles in an aqueous solution will be seen by the human eye as a dark brown water solution, while nano gold particles will be seen as a pale pink water solution.

So far, no side effects or negative effects of nano silver and nano gold particles have been found on the human body.

Important information

Description of properties and possibilities of use of the preparation in this study is for information only. Has been obtained from scientific studies of clinical trials and scientific experiments. 

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