The healing value of Nano silver - according to medical literature - lies in the fact that it is a natural antibiotic disrupting the enzyme system, which all unicellular pathogens use in their oxygen metabolism. This causes these pathogenic microorganisms and their multiform mutant forms to die in six minutes in direct contact with silver. Silver ions have a great ability to oxidize or remove electrons from the substances that surround them. Pathogenic organisms cannot develop resistance to colloidal silver, and their mutations are just as susceptible to its rapid action. Scientific research did not report the development of strains resistant to silver bacteria.

In addition, silver does not only kill disease causing organisms. It also contributes to significant bone growth and accelerates healing of damaged tissues.

In the summary of the research of medical doctor Robert O. Becker, who is a leading researcher in the field of bone regeneration, we read that silver very strongly stimulates the healing processes of the skin and other soft tissues in a way that no known natural processes take place. It stimulates the formation cells, heals the most stubborn infections and stimulates the treatment of skin and other soft tissues in a way that no known natural processes take place. In addition, it stimulates bone formation cells, treats the most stubborn infections and stimulates the treatment of skin and other soft tissues.

In the British Medial Journal issue of December 15, 1917, J. Mark Howell wrote that colloidal silver is helpful in restoring eustachian tube function and reducing nasopharyngeal rhinitis. BMJ states that colloidal silver has been used with great results in the treatment of pyopotamus, tonsillitis, Meniere's syndrome, herpes zoster, whooping cough, sepsis, abundant white discharge and cystitis.

Basics of thinking that Nano silver can help heal cancer

Is cancer the result of eliminable organisms like yeast or viruses? It has been proven that many cancers can arise after prolonged induction by well-defined viruses. Some studies show some connection between cancer and candida albicans. Colloidal silver has been shown to be effective against candida. Undoubted action is prevention, i.e. preventing the emergence of cancer by removing factors that can cause it.

Dr. Robert O. Becker also conducted research on cancer says: "... silver that is negatively charged has no effect, positively charged it acts on cancer cells to stop their mitosis, as we have shown in laboratory studies." A positively charged silver electrode produces colloidal silver ions. Although the exact cause of cancer cell mitosis has not been given, it seems very likely that it was a colloid containing positive silver ions. Electrodes made of various metals were tested and it was found that only silver stops cancer cell mitosis.

Silver has a beneficial effect in the fight against AIDS, because it undoubtedly complements and supports T-dependent cells in their fight against foreign organisms in the blood. Researchers like Gary Smith strongly suggest that silver ions are essential for the immune system. AIDS is a viral disease and antibiotics do not work on viruses, but silver ions work in this situation. This is a kind of hope to strengthen AIDS treatment.

How can Nano Silver be used?


  • - Sunburn, including sunburn
  • - Acne
  • - Rash, itchy skin
  • - Herpes
  • - Yeast infections
  • - Soft skin warts
  • - Skin changes
  • - Ear and eye infections
  • - Acute conjunctivitis
  • - Mycoses of the skin
  • - Chickenpox
  • - Skin infection
  • - Open wounds and cuts
  • - Insect bites
  • - Psoriasis
  • - Warts


  • - Flu, runny nose
  • - Boils
  • - Gonorrhea
  • - Bacterial dysentery
  • - Abundant white discharge
  • - Toxic poisoning in the blood
  • - Epididymitis
  • - Arthritis
  • - Sepsis
  • - Diabetes
  • - Eczema
  • - Gastritis
  • - Inflammatory bowel problems
  • - Lymphangitis
  • - Malaria
  • - Blood parasites
  • - Colds
  • - Prostate hypertrophy
  • - Whooping cough, pneumonia
  • - Inflammation of tonsils
  • - Itching in the anus
  • - Dysenteria
  • - Hemorrhoids
  • - Cystitis
  • - Diphtheria
  • - Rubella
  • - Pleurisy
  • - Rheumatism, damn it
  • - Shingles
  • - Staph infections, streptococci
  • - Syphilis
  • - Tuberculosis
  • - AIDS
  • - Yeast infections
  • - Meningitis
  • - Colitis, diarrhea
  • - Sharp joint rheumatism
  • - Typhoid fever

Important information

Description of properties and possibilities of use of the preparation in this study is for information only. Has been obtained from scientific studies of clinical trials and scientific experiments. 

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