Modern antibiotics only kill some bacteria and fungi - not viruses such as the influenza virus or the common cold, or much more dangerous viruses: HIV, chickenpox, mumps, measles, rabies, viral pneumonia, and gray matter inflammation spinal cord, childhood paralysis, herpes, hepatitis. And AIDS? And cancer? Yeast infections?

nanosilver and antibiotics Here, no antibiotics have much use and never have. It certainly seems doubtful that another substance can solve all these problems. And yet some researchers tell us that silver can do that.

Unlike antibiotics, nano silver is a safe, non-toxic substance that does not accumulate. It kills pathogens and their mutations - which antibiotics can't. There are many pharmaceutical antibiotics, each with its own "special" action and purpose. On average, each of them can annihilate up to six pathogenic organisms, while nano silver kills over 650 different pathogens. Unfortunately, modern medical science is still under the influence of deceptive theory and practice that in order to "kill" the disease you need to use poison without seeing much value in natural medicine.

Any medicine advertised on television treats fears but not illness. We've become so good at masking the pain and symptoms of the disease that we seem to be healthy. The announcer does not speak about going to the doctor to determine the right cause of pain and thus the disease, when talking about the great specifics eliminating pain. What a miracle worker healed the pain and cured the disease. In a word, we must get to the roots, to the causes of disease. Colloidal silver kills the cause - it doesn't mask it. It does so without harming the body.

Other reasons for silver effectiveness

Nano Silver has a strong positive charge while most antibiotics do not have such a strong positive charge. This makes silver literally search and destroy pathogens, instead of just drifting until they accidentally run into each other. This action was quite aptly described by Dr. Robert Beck as the "silver bullet" effect.

Silver kills immediately by oxidizing the pathogen. Antibiotics do not work on viruses at all, and when it comes to bacteria, the antibiotic kills the bacterium when it starts to divide (penicillin-type antibiotics), or prevents the division of bacteria (tetracycline-type antibiotics). In the first case, it may take several days for the bacterium to divide, in the second case the bacterium does not die at all, but only its replication is blocked. In both cases, the immune system must deal with most of all pathogens by itself. In the case of silver, they are all and killed immediately.

Silver is a catalyst. So, as soon as silver oxidizes the pathogen, it loses its negative charge and simply drains away, and silver can attack another pathogenic organism. Antibiotics usually bind to pathogens and one molecule or antibiotic molecule is consumed for each pathogen eliminated.

Because of its strong bactericidal effect, colloidal silver has been shown to be highly effective in preventing and treating infections and diseases, including AIDS, staphylococci and streptococci. It is a recommended fortifying agent for selected diseases, e.g. colds, can be used topically for skin diseases, as a drinking water disinfectant, as well as a household disinfectant. Silver has the ability to deactivate bacteria because it is a strong catalyst in the oxidation process, thus inhibiting bacterial reproduction. Scientific studies do not indicate any side effects of oral or intravenous administered correctly prepared colloidal silver solution. There has never been a negative reaction to colloidal silver or any of its derivatives in the form of drugs.

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