The ancients believed in the miraculous healing power of gold and its therapeutic properties. Knowledge about the healing properties of gold was known in China from around 2500 B.C. Some of them even believed that this metal hides the secret of a long life. Proponents of this theory drank liquid gold solutions three times a day, or in the morning on an empty stomach, as this was to restore their youth and vigor. Pliny was convinced that gold compresses healed ulcers, hemorrhoids and mycosis.

Arabs today believe that gold strengthens the heart, fights palpitations and trembling limbs, and also helps in melancholy. In some cases, gold is indeed an effective, modern medicine.

It has a rejuvenating effect on lazy working organs. It improves memory and concentration - research has shown an increase in intelligence quotient in people who use nanocolloidal gold for a long time. Excellent for learning and memory problems.

Nowadays, it is recommended to use preparations with gold in the case of rheumatic diseases resistant to other drugs: arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis. And it also works effectively in: diabetes, hair loss, infectious diseases, abscesses, lichen, allergic diseases, angina, epilepsy, venereal diseases, adnexitis (ovaries, fallopian tubes), genital inflammation in men and women, chronic dermatoses, cancers, chronic runny nose, eye inflammation, chronic liver inflammation.

Eliminates symptoms of chronic allergic diseases. Gold nano colloid has a strong anti-acne effect - especially when combined with silver.

Excess gold in the body is excreted in bile, urine and sweat.

It is certain that nano gold regenerates, rebuilds and balances vital forces in the body. Gold has a beneficial effect on the digestive system and blood circulation (all fluids in the body have a colloidal structure).

Non-chemical nanocolloidal gold can be safely used together with other drugs because it does not interact with them, but only effectively supports treatment and stimulates the immune system.

Modern medicine has found many uses for gold - especially among vascular and oncological diseases - the two largest killers in our civilization. Nano gold is extremely effective in treating extensive burns. Gold in injections is used in rheumatoid disease.

Gold nanoparticles are so small (about 18 nm) that they easily move along with the bloodstream throughout the body reaching every place and penetrate into every cell of the body. They owe their size expressed in nanometers to the latest research and manufacturing technology.

Gold particles have physico-chemical properties that cause reaction with a diseased cell, which leads to the process of neutralization and also in the case of DNA repairing double helix bonds responsible for the proper further development of the cell.

DNA damage can be caused by radio- and chemotherapy, UV rays, X-rays, GAMMA, high temperature as well as viruses and toxins. Gold nanoparticles react only with diseased cells, because healthy ones have completely different cell proliferation and remain indifferent to them.

Appropriate "soaking" the body with nano-gold particles causes the process of cleansing the body of damaged and mutated cells. A valuable property of Nano gold is that it does not accumulate in the body, it is excreted in the urine, sweat and feces.

Important information

Description of properties and possibilities of use of the preparation in this study is for information only. Has been obtained from scientific studies of clinical trials and scientific experiments. 

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