Let's explain it.
Nano Silver is not colloidal silver of old times.

Here are the reasons why:


This means that it can be used safely and will respond appropriately under certain conditions. Biocompatibility depends on two things: the size and structure of the molecule. First, colloidal silver particles clustering very quickly, thereby increasing their size (volume). This means that they do not penetrate the soft tissue structure becoming much less effective. Secondly, colloidal silver particles are inconsistent in size. Thanks to our technology, the particle size is more stable and non-toxic to human tissues. In addition, nanoparticles have a more uniform size due to technological advances.


Colloidal silver does not have the ability to maintain stability under various conditions. This is due to the fact that colloidal silver is created by using a physical electrical model by passing current through silver wires. This breaks down and systematically increases silver particles that do not contain blocking agents and are unstable. Our technology allows the production of stable particles that respond favorably to various environments, such as salts and biomolecules.

What is the right color for nano silver?

There are a surprising number of products that claim to contain Nano Silver. Some are transparent or blue, others may also be gray, but the color you need is ... gold? Yes gold True Nano Silver absorbs light (especially blue light) in the range of 400-420 nanometers. That is why they are yellow-orange or honey-golden. If you see a solution that doesn't look like this, it's probably ionic silver or silver that is so small that it no longer reflects light in this range. For the Nano Silver solution to be effective, it must be the right size, so when rinsing the mouth, color matters.

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