Nano silver, known in modern medicine for almost a hundred years, is a natural medicine. Nano Silver is absorbable in about 98-99% when minerals in the form of tablets are only absorbable in 40-60%.

Nano Silver is a solution with antibacterial, antiviral and fungicidal action. Used for internal and external use. It is a natural antibiotic: effective, mild and non-toxic. It does not accumulate in the body and is excreted within a few days. If an antibiotic eliminates about 6-7 harmful bacteria, nano silver destroys over 650 pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold.

Nano silver is:

  • - Secure
  • - Works like an antibiotic
  • - It destroys fungi and mold
  • - Supports cell development
  • - Does not irritate mucous membranes
  • - Does not contain free radicals
  • - Anti-inflammatory
  • - It is bio-available
  • - Does not react with medications
  • - It is safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers - Non-toxic
  • - Kills over 650 pathogens
  • - Kills parasites
  • - Does not accumulate in the body
  • - It's not addictive
  • - Purifies water
  • - Disinfects external surfaces
  • - Does not irritate eye mucosa
  • - Strengthens the body's immunity
  • - Colorless, no smell.

Because of its strong bactericidal effect, nano silver has been shown to be highly effective in preventing and treating infections and diseases, including AIDS, staphylococci and streptococci.

External use: Nano silver used for: wound cuts, scratches, for instillation of the nose or eyes - does not irritate cells and tissues. They are applied by applying a Nano Silver solution directly to the skin with the help of cataplasms (compresses), spray (spray) in case of irritation such as:

  • - Sunburn, including sunburn
  • - Herpes
  • - Skin changes
  • - Skin mycoses - Acne
  • - Yeast infections
  • - Ear and eye infections
  • - Chickenpox - Rash, itchy skin
  • - Soft skin warts
  • - Acute conjunctivitis
  • - Skin infection

Silver particles do not fall to the bottom of the vessel or float on the surface, because they have the same electric charge, which causes them to repel each other while remaining in constant motion. Nano silver is therefore active. Silver Nano particles can be observed through an electron microscope. The smaller the molecule, the better the effectiveness of the solution will be.

Silver, in addition to being a precious metal, is also a trace element necessary for the proper functioning of the human body. The effect of trace amounts of silver is preventive and protective. Helps to strengthen the immune system. As the body ages, its ability to assimilate silver decreases. This leads to silver deficiencies and impairs the immune system. There is a high convergence between low silver levels and the incidence of various types of disease.

Because our soil has been sterilized by intensive farming and fertilizers, our food practically does not contain silver as a trace element. As a result of the excessive exploitation of agricultural land, the discharge of sewage into rivers and seas, we deprive the soil of silver and other natural minerals, while in return we only supply potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen. If there is a deficiency of silver in the body, the immune system is damaged.

Nano silver in this form is bioavailable, which means that it penetrates directly into body tissues.

Important information

Description of properties and possibilities of use of the preparation in this study is for information only. Has been obtained from scientific studies of clinical trials and scientific experiments. 

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